Ever Vigilant, Ever Loyal ™ /©
K9 Soldiers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity organized to support, benefit and improve the lives of military working dogs and their handlers. Few people can say that they absolutely love what they do... but here at K9 Soldiers we greet each day with passion and welcome the opportunity to give back to those who serve. We recognize that our military K9 teams are not just two legged soldiers but 4 paw warriors as well. Both ends of the leash serve with courage, determination and loyalty.

In addition to supporting our deployed K9 teams worldwide we also provide companion canines to our warriors in transition in need of a canine battle buddy. Through our unique canine battle buddy program we match warriors with a trained canine companion after rigorous academic and practical training.

The central mission of this charity is to support and promote the human-canine bond...whether on a battlefield or when the battle comes home in the heart and mind.
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